Local man boycotts fishing, claims catching “woke” trout has ruined his pastime

“For years, I’ve been fishing here and I had never so much as seen a trout with rainbow scales,” lamented Glenbeulah native, Frank Dobson, who claims to have no issue with rainbow trout “doing their thing” in other lakes. “What irks me is when they start flaunting their rainbow scales, swimming around, enjoying their lives, biting on baited hooks. . . It’s like they’re forcing their agenda on me.”

Midwest goodbye extends into third day, emergency services called.

Sheboygan residents worried as local family owned bar didn’t open Monday morning. Upon investigation, the family who runs the bar was found dehydrated at the home of “Uncle Bob” who was still telling his story about the deer he shot 10 years ago as everyone was wheeled out and sent to Froedert. The bar is looking to be re-opened by the weekend.

Mattel to release Malibu of the Midwest Barbie

Mattel has equipped the new Malibu of the Midwest Barbie with quintessentially Sheboygan items like a cheesehead hat, Johnsonville brats, a Paradigm tee shirt, a six-pack of 3 Sheeps beer, and a stand-up paddle board to fully encapsulate the wholesome charm of Wisconsin living.