Mayor Snorenson touts success of “(de)Tour Sheboygan” initiative

“Past leadership deferring road repairs created a unique opportunity to get people to experience new parts of Sheboygan,” said Mayor Snorenson. “By fixing as many roads as possible simultaneously people are learning new routes to their favorite places and finding great hidden gems in the process.”

Sheboygan elects actual baby as next mayor

After the results came in Brian Jorgenson, a 27 week old baby, spit up and pooped himself, which, despite not even being sworn in yet, is actually more productive than Mike Blandersteen was in the last four years as mayor.

Lots of support for Blandersteen among growing vacant land demographic

“I have worked very hard to help the empty lot population flourish over the last eight years,” said incumbent mayoral candidate Ike Blandersteen. “I think my dedication to growing Sheboygan’s empty lot population by helping get rid of the dirty free loading building population is why I am receiving so much so their support.”