Depress Reviews: Kanye West’s “Late Registration” is his greatest work to date


We love Kanye West’s Late Registration, but we think Lane Ruhland, President Donald Trump’s Campaign Attorney, who submitted West’s work for our review, said it best:

“On the day of the filing deadline we tried to Wake Up Mr. West on time and we swear we Heard ‘Em Say we had until 5:01. He’s trying to Touch the Sky, not help the President and the First Lady (Gold Digger) remain in the White House as has previously been reported. I told him not to Drive Slow when I spoke with him on My Way Home from the office. He seemed to be having an episode though, saying I was listening to Crack Music, and that he’d be there on time and everything would be all Roses. Then he just started screaming ‘Don’t Bring Me Down‘ over and over again. It must have been an episode because he doesn’t have an Addiction to anything but Jesus Christ and Diamonds from Sierra Leone. Either way, we are still confident we can win because We Major. We know he’ll be praying on election night and say ‘Hey Mama, we’re having a Celebration‘. You may try to keep him off the ballot but he isn’t Gone. We were only a little Late. “

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